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Regulatory Guidance (RG)

Repository for Regulatory Guidance (RG).

RG-415: Chapter 2

General Monitoring Guidelines

RG-415: Chapter 3

Field Measurements

RG-415: Chapter 4

Collecting and Analyzing Bacteriological Samples

RG-415: Chapter 5

Collecting Water Samples

RG-415: Chapter 6

Collecting Sediment Samples

RG-415: Chapter 7

Collecting Tissue Samples

RG-415: Chapter 8

Calibrating and Maintaining Multiprobe Instruments

RG-415: Chapter 9

Required Equipment and Spare Parts

RG-415: Chapter 10

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

RG-415: Chapter 11

Field Safety

RG-415: Cover

Front cover of publication

rg-415_cover.pdf — 24.5 KB

RG-415: Front matter

Preface, Title Page, and Table of Contents

RG-415: Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures, Volume 1: Physical and Chemical Monitoring Methods

Procedures for TCEQ staff and other monitoring personnel who collect data on surface water quality in Texas.

rg-415.pdf — 4.4 MB

RG-415: Appendix A

Monitoring Resources Online

rg-415_app_a.pdf — 30.8 KB

RG-415: Appendix C

Conversion Table

rg-415_app_c.pdf — 38.4 KB

RG-415: Appendix D


rg-415_app_d.pdf — 47.3 KB

RG-415: Chapter 1


RG-472: On-Site Sewage Facility Rules Compilation

Contains the statutory authority and administrative rules for the On-Site Sewage Facility program.

rg-472.pdf — 1.4 MB