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Regulatory Guidance (RG)

Repository for Regulatory Guidance (RG).

RG-80: Cover


cover.pdf — 35.1 KB

RG-80: General Financial Guidance

General Financial Guidance

RG-80: TOC and Front Matter

Title page, Table of Contents, and Preface

frontmatter.pdf — 223.7 KB

RG-80: Water District Financial Management Guide

Guidance for water districts on sound financial management practices (consistent with GASB 34). Addresses reporting requirements effective for all audited financial statements for periods ended after June 1, 2004.

RG-178: Developer's Bond Application Report Format

Step-by-step instructions for water districts on how to prepare a bond application for submittal to the TCEQ.

rg-178.pdf — 569.7 KB

RG-348: Chapter 2

Nonstructural Best Management Practices

chapter2.pdf — 296.8 KB

RG-348: Chapter 3

Permanent Structural Best Management Practices

chapter3.pdf — 2.5 MB

RG-348: Chapter 4

Innovative Technology Use and Evaluation

chapter4.pdf — 38.6 KB

RG-348: Chapter 5

Management of Sensitive Features

chapter5.pdf — 1.2 MB

RG-348: Chapter 6

Example Calculations

chapter6.pdf — 25.6 KB

RG-348: Chapter 7


chapter7.pdf — 20.2 KB

RG-348: Cover

Cover, Preface, and Table of Contents

cover.pdf — 106.6 KB

RG-348: Errata Sheet

March 28, 2009

errata.pdf — 78.9 KB

RG-348: Complying with the Edwards Aquifer Rules

Guidance on the rules that apply specifically to the Edwards Aquifer. NOTE: An errata and addendum to this publication appear at the back of the PDF file.

RG-348: Addendum Sheet

Additional temporary, permanent, and sensitive feature BMPs (January 20, 2017)

addendum.pdf — 3.6 MB

RG-348: BaySaver Addendum

BaySaver Addendum (June 6, 2018) Please contact your regional office to obtain a copy of the revised BaySaver Addendum (Approved 8/29/2018)

RG-348: Chapter 1

Temporary Best Management Practices

chapter1.pdf — 3.2 MB

RG-379: Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Guidance Manual

Tells surface water treatment plant operators how to comply with rules on removing total organic carbon (TOC) & to lessen the concentration of disinfection by-product precursors (DBP-Ps) that are available to form more harmful disinfection by-products.

rg-379.pdf — 845.4 KB