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Notifying Customers of Blending Chlorine and Chloramine Disinfectants

Find instructions and sample wording to complete required notices if your public water system blends its distribution disinfectant of free chlorine with the chloramine disinfectant, as well as to whom and when to send the notices.

If you plan to blend or currently blend free chlorine and chloramines as residual disinfectants in your public water system, you must request and receive from the TCEQ an approved exception to blend free chlorine and chloramines. Once the exception has been approved, you must notify the community and your retail and wholesale customers at least 14 days before you start blending free chlorine and chloramines. This information is important to anyone who is on dialysis.

Remind your wholesale customers that they must also notify their own customers of this change. They may have to change the type and amount of disinfectant they use in their own water systems.

Here is the language you must use to complete the public notice:

Within 10 days of issuing this notice, send a copy of the actual notice and the signed Certificate of Delivery of Public Notice to Customers  Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (form TCEQ-20208) by mail to:

Public Notice Coordinator, MC-155
PO Box 13087
Austin TX 78711-3087

If you have any questions about completing or distributing this notice, contact our Public Drinking Water staff and mention that you need help from the Drinking Water Quality Team.