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Electronic Reporting for Public Water Systems and Labs

Water systems may submit Disinfectant Level Quarterly Operating Report (DLQOR) forms and labs may submit Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) data online using the electronic environmental reporting system.

Why Use E2

The Electronic Environmental Reporting System (E2) allows you, the regulated community to electronically submit DLQOR forms and RTCR data to the TCEQ. E2 is faster, more efficient, and requires less processing for public water systems (PWS), laboratories and the TCEQ. All of the legal, security, and electronic signature functionalities are included in this complete paperless reporting system.

Getting Started

Water Systems-DLQOR

Use the instructions in the E2 DLQOR user guide to create a State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting (STEERS) account to access E2. Once in STEERS water systems will select Public Drinking Water Systems (PDWSYS) to access the report.


Use the instructions in the application/pdfE2 Lab user guide  to create a State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting (STEERS) account to access E2. Once in STEERS  labs will select Public Drinking Water-Laboratories (PDWLAB). This will lead to the E2 reporting page.

PWS: Reporting

Submit the Disinfectant Level Quarterly Operating Report

(DLQOR)  (application/pdfTCEQ Form 20067)

Every data field on the data entry form (except "report comments") is required for online submission. 

Error messages may appear after clicking the "Validate and Save" buttons:
Warning messages will indicate potential issues or violations but still allow the form to be submitted.
Validation Failed messages will indicate inconsistencies in the data that must be fixed before submission.
After you submit the DLQOR you can review it at any time under the "View Submission" menu option.

Labs: Reporting

Submit Compliance Data from the Microbial Reporting Form (MRF)

(MRF) (application/pdfTCEQ form 10525)

You may report the compliance data to the TCEQ two ways:

Upload Data 

Extract data from your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. It is important that the CSV file is in the correct Electronic Data Dictionary. The file will then be uploaded and submitted to the TCEQ.

If the data is accepted, it will convert to an XML file and be migrated to the Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) database. If the data is rejected, you will get an error report.

Online Data Entry

The online data form for the MRF is divided into two sections:

  1. General Information
  2. Sample Information

For each report, new samples can be added by clicking "Add New Record". If a form is not completed in one session, the data entered can be validated and saved to be finished at a later time.

Contact Us:

If you need assistance or have questions about submitting these reports electronically, please contact the TCEQ and request or reference the program coordinator for either the DLQOR or RTCR Lab.

Program Coordinator
Drinking Water Standards Section (MC-155)
Water Supply Division
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Phone: (512) 239-4691
For questions about STEERS, contact the STEERS helpline:
State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
STEERS Help Line
Phone: (512) 239-6925