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Publications and Guidance for Surface Water Treatment Plant Operators

Guidance for all aspects of your surface water treatment plant, from design and construction to day-to-day operation.

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Public Water System Monitoring Plans
How to comply with requirements for monitoring plans for public water systems in Texas.

Related Topics

Backflow Protection on Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
Guidance for water purveyors, waterworks operators, fire line personnel, professional consultants, and licensed testers.

Coliform Sampling for Public Water Systems
Requirements for monitoring coliform organisms, which indicate conditions could cause illness.

Disinfectant Residual Reporting for Public Water Systems
Public water systems that use only purchased water or groundwater how to comply with the disinfectant-level monitoring and reporting requirements of 30 TAC Section 290.110. Includes example calculations, worksheets, sample report, blank report form.

Monthly Testing and Reporting at Surface Water Treatment Plants
This manual is a guide to filling out reporting forms for public water systems, including the Surface Water Monthly Operations Report (SWMOR), SWMOR2, and SWMOR-Alt. These TCEQ Forms 00102-C, 00102-D, 00103, 10276, 10277, and 10278 were revised in June 2013.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Guidance Manual
Tells surface water treatment plant operators how to comply with rules on removing total organic carbon (TOC) & to lessen the concentration of disinfection by-product precursors (DBP-Ps) that are available to form more harmful disinfection by-products.

Using Bleach for Disinfecting Drinking Water and Water Wells
Guidance for determining which bleaches may be used for disinfecting water that is to be used for drinking, preparing foods, or other forms of consumption.