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How to Find a Licensed Water Operator

How to use our database to find out whether an operator's certification is up to date, including current continuing education credits.

TCEQ's Occupational Licensing and Registration Division maintains a Web search that helps you find licensed water operators. To find a list of all licensed individuals:

  1. Click “Group Search Criteria.”
  2. Ignore the drop-down box labeled “Program.”
  3. For “License or Registration Type and Level,” choose the water operator level that you need—that is, “Water Operator Class A,” “Water Distribution Operator Class B,” “Water Distribution Operator Class C,” or “Water Operator Class D.”
  4. If you want to find an operator who lives close to your system, use the “City,” “County,” or “TCEQ Region” drop-down box to focus on that geographic area.
  5. Leave the other drop-down boxes in the search form alone.
  6. At the bottom of the form, click “Find.”