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Finisar Corporation

TEEA 2018 Winner: Water Conservation

Innovative Water Recirculation System Saves Millions of Gallons

When it comes to environmental responsibility, Finisar Corporation sets the bar high. The company minimizes their impact on natural resources and they commit to environmentally sustainable management practices.

Finisar, one of the world’s largest suppliers of optical communication products, explored ways to reduce the amount of water used in their semiconductor manufacturing operations in Allen, Texas. The company used massive quantities of water that needed pre-treatment before they could discharge it to the wastewater treatment facility.

To reduce the amount of water they needed, Finisar installed an innovative wastewater system in 2015. The new system treats wastewater from their saw and back-grind operations and recirculates the treated water for use. With the new system, the treated water is returned to the process for reuse instead of being discharged to the drain.

Each month, this recirculating system results in a savings of 200,000 gallons of water and $4,500 in direct cost. Additionally, the system reduced the wastewater discharge by 90 percent. In 2017, Finisar recycled enough water to almost fill three Olympic-size swimming pools. The company ensures that the system is reliable and efficient through continual investigation and monitoring. They plan to expand the system as operations in Allen continue to grow.

Another impressive part of Finisar's management practices is their commitment to employee involvement. The company recognizes employees for submitting ideas that are environmentally conscious and that provide educational opportunities for employees to learn more about best management practices. By engaging employees and increasing environmental awareness in the workplace, Finisar encourages a community that strives to minimize their overall environmental impact.

As the demand for water increases, Finisar’s project demonstrates true environmental stewardship by conserving and protecting our precious water resources.