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City of Frisco - Household Chemical and Electronic Reuse and Disposal Center

TEEA 2020 Winner: Innovative Operations/Management

The City of Frisco has changed dramatically over the past twenty years, more than tripling in population size since 2000. The City of Frisco’s household hazardous (HHW) and electronic waste disposal capabilities needed to be expanded dramatically in order to keep up with the City’s rapidly growing population.

In 2001, the City received its first grant to start HHW collection on a twice-weekly basis and saw just 25 visitors per week. However, as the population grew, their HHW needs grew along with it, and by 2003 was averaging around 200 visitors per week. The City of Frisco’s Environmental Services Department continued using grant funding to expand the recycling center facilities to include HHW storage, a bailer for cardboard and plastic film, an expanded polystyrene densifier, and a forklift.

A large part of the expansion and success came from partnerships with other organizations and the implementation of new technologies. The City uses many contract providers, such as Smarter Sorting and Habitat for Humanity for material reuse, Call2Recycle for recycling and the safe disposal of batteries, Safeway Oil for oil recycling, and Visions Paints Inc. for paint recycling and reblending. The City was also the first in North Texas to implement a Styrofoam recycling program which diverted 26,456 pounds in 2018.