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2023 TEEA Winner - Pollution Prevention

Grundfos relocated their main US office from Chicago, Illinois to Brookshire, Texas. To maintain their sustainability values, Grundfos designed a new 45,000 square foot building to have the least environmental impact possible. In 2022, the building was LEED certified v4 Platinum, making it the first new construction to achieve this certification in Texas.

As the global headquarters for the Water Utility Division, the building showcases water saving measures. Annually, 873,183 gallons of rainwater can be captured and stored underground. HVAC condensate water is also captured and provides 69,100 gallons of usable water annually.

The building also showcases energy efficiency with a “real-time” energy dashboard in the lobby that staff and visitors can view. Through these efforts, Grundfos hopes to illustrate how a sustainable commercial building can benefit the environment, the community, and the company.