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Parkland Health

2024 TEEA Winner - Innovative Operations/Management

Parkland Health is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the nation. Located in Dallas, Parkland determined that they needed a large amount of electricity and natural gas to power up daily operations. To address this situation, Parkland set decarbonization and energy goals to help minimize its impact on the environment and, at the same time, comply with regulatory requirements and align with the hospital’s internal goals. These goals are overseen by the energy manager in the hospital's Sustainability Department and bridges the gap between various teams such as the central utility plant, building automation systems, HVAC, and electrical.

The energy manager oversees a framework with four key strategies: energy sourcing to provide secure and reliable power for the hospital; energy optimization to reduce the energy cost, emissions, and improve processes; energy monitoring and control to provide the infrastructure and systems to accurately measure, control, and improve Parkland’s energy and resource consumption; and energy compliance and certifications to comply with regulatory requirements and contribute to Parkland’s overall image in sustainability and energy efficiency.