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Venessa Wallace

2024 TEEA Winner - Environmental Educator of the Year

Venessa Wallace teaches an elective course, Wildlife Management, at Peet Junior High School in Conroe, Texas. Prior to that, she taught life/earth science for 11 years. Upon request, she initiated a Wildlife II course focused on advanced environmental conservation efforts that teaches the management and conservation of wildlife and habitats using the principles of land stewardship. Her mission is to be a wildlife advocate with an ecological approach, teaching the need for and values of productive and healthy ecosystems.

Mrs. Wallace educates students on the differences between commercial and sustainable hunting, fishing, and gardening. When students receive their hunter education, they have the opportunity to participate in ethical hunting and fishing practices. Her lessons on forest fire prevention, the effects of littering, human impact on surface water, and how drought or flooding affect woodland habitats are translated to real-world observations in the creek outside their classroom. She works with several organizations for resources and class presentations including San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Game, Barn Hill Preserve, and TPWD’s Becoming an Outdoors-Woman.