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Colorado River Alliance

TEEA 2017 Winner: Education

The Texas Colorado River Rolling Exhibit develops champions of water quality and conservation.

Over the last twenty years, the Colorado River Alliance has been dedicated to conserving and protecting the Texas Colorado River. To further this work, the alliance developed the Texas Colorado River Rolling Exhibit, an environmental education program to inspire students and community members to protect water quality and quantity in the Colorado River Basin in Texas.

The main feature of the program is a 42-foot long mobile trailer that brings an interactive field trip experience to middle school students and communities along the river’s watershed. The program activities blend science, technology, engineering, and math to help people understand the importance of a healthy river while encouraging water conservation practices.

The program’s ability to travel expands its audience and reach, bringing educational messages to students and to the public at a variety of locations. Since its launch in 2015, the rolling exhibit has served more than 10,000 people—including more than 200 visits to 7th grade classrooms and participation in more than 30 community events.

When working with middle schools, the alliance incorporates teacher-approved lesson plans in its message. Once inside the trailer, students engage with museum-quality exhibits, interactive models, and electronic games that encourage critical thinking about the many important issues related to water.

At community events, the rolling exhibit delivers educational messages to people who are and will be responsible for managing our water’s future. The program gives all visitors the opportunity to learn more about their watersheds, water resource management and technology, and the effect humans have on water quality. The topics covered by the exhibit are presented through simulations, mini labs, and demonstrations that fully engage individuals who participate.

After every tour, participants can also volunteer to take a personal pledge to conserve water in their everyday activities.

The Colorado River Alliance’s program has encouraged thousands to think more critically about conserving and protecting the Colorado River in Texas. This program has cultivated a sustainable foundation for Texas water’s future by making a lasting impression on the students and members of the community it serves.