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Planning Your HHW Collection Event: Step 1 - Funding

Securing the funds or understanding your budget impacts the future planning and management of an event, so consider these needs early.

Please note: These pages are provided as guidance and are not intended to be used as a substitute for reading and ultimately complying with the HHW Rule (30 TAC 335 Subchapter N ).

Costs for holding a collection event vary and can include training or hiring of trained individuals for sorting and packaging, transportation and disposal of waste as well as administrative costs for printing brochures, advertising, purchasing minor equipment, or even providing lunch for volunteers at an event.

Potential Sources of Funding

The TCEQ Regional Solid Waste Grants Program awards grants for HHW management, and disposal costs, which could make up an extensive portion of your budget, are an allowable expense. Check with your local Regional Council for more information.

Other sources for funding might include:

  • Grants through private foundations or public interest groups
  • User fees—charging participants a fee at the site
  • In-kind donations by interested parties and local businesses
  • Civic groups (Rotary Club, Lions Club)
  • Local or regional chemical manufacturers
  • Solid or hazardous waste disposal companies
  • Corporations with branches in your area
  • Additional fees on utility bills
  • Adopt-a-barrel (businesses pay for the disposal cost of a barrel of collected waste)

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