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Planning Your HHW Collection Event: Step 3 - Selecting Date & Location

Time and location are important details in the success of a collection event. Discuss these with your interested groups – you will need the collaboration of volunteers, city officials and city services during the event so seek their input. If you have the funding for multiple events during the year, combine the planning to include multiple dates and/or locations.

Please note: These pages are provided as guidance and are not intended to be used as a substitute for reading and ultimately complying with the HHW Rule (30 TAC 335 Subchapter N ).

What to Consider When Selecting a Date

Select a date that does not conflict with other community events. Volunteers may be difficult to find when other community-wide events are scheduled for the same day and city services like emergency response may have greater restrictions. Consider weather and season when selecting, and think about time of day in relation to season for your community.

What to Consider When Finding a Location

Take into account a variety of items when selecting your collection-event location (30 TAC 335.405 ):

  • central location to areas served
  • avoid areas in close proximity to schools and day care centers
  • easy to identify by residents
  • accessibility
  • traffic flow
  • size and configuration of available space

There are no restrictions as to whether an event can be held on city- or county-owned property or private property. However, any site choice requires a property-owner permission letter as an attachment with the 45-Day Notification. Parks, large parking lots, and municipal property are all commonly used, but do not forget to work with your hazardous waste management firm when selecting to consider size or maneuverability restrictions for trailers and equipment.

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