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Planning Your HHW Collection Event: Step 4 - Notification & Documentation

Once decisions have been made and details are mostly set, you must submit paperwork to us and put together an operational plan for the event.

Please note: These pages are provided as guidance and are not intended to be used as a substitute for reading and ultimately complying with the HHW Rule (30 TAC 335 Subchapter N ).

General requirements for all household hazardous waste collections can be found in 30 TAC 335.403

What Information Do I Need to Submit?

You must submit a Notification for a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event (TCEQ-20459) and any accompanying documents at least 45 days prior to any collection event, mobile collection, point-of-generation collection, or permanent collection center (30 TAC 335.403(b) ).

All required documents are maintained in the Forms and Reports section on these Web pages.

Program Type Required Documents
Permanent Collection Center 45-Day Notification
Property Owner Permission Letter
Core Data Form
 Point-of-Generation Collection 45-Day Notification
 Collection Events 45-Day Notification
Property Owner Permission Letter

Notifications and registrations above and beyond the requirements above might be necessary under another TCEQ program area, when applicable. See Additional Program Guidance for examples of where that could be the case.

What Information Do I Need to Keep Myself?

You must develop an operational plan, have it available during the collection, and retain it for at least one year after the event occurs or program activity ceases (30 TAC 335.413(a) and 30 TAC 335.405(b) ). Information to include with the operational plan is outlined in 30 TAC 335.405 .

We do not provide sample plans, but if you have questions regarding any required information, contact the current HHW Program Coordinator.

Ensure you receive disposal information via a manifest copy or a bill of lading. Operators of an HHW collection event or program are required to report by April 1 on the amount of HHW collected during the previous calendar year. You will need the amounts collected to complete this report. Current annual report information can also be found in the Forms and Reports section.

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