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Tier 1 401 Certification

Links to documents on Tier 1 certification projects.

Tier 1 401 Certifications are for small projects that affect less than 1,500 linear feet of stream and/or 3 acres of waters of the United States (HTML) with a few exceptions. A list is provided of best management practices (BMPs) ( PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF Document / MS WordMicrosoft Word Document) for the applicant to include in their project plans. (Help with downloading files.) If the applicant incorporates the BMPs and other requirements of the Tier 1 Checklist, the 404 permit can proceed with no further review by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). These BMPs and other requirement in the project will generally result in substantial compliance with state water quality standards. Certain rare and ecologically significant wetlandsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document are not eligible for the Tier I processing and must be reviewed under the Tier II process.

Tier I Documents

  • Tier I (Small Projects) Checklist (Attachment B) Form ( PdfAdobe Acrobat PDF Document) to select BMPs, sign, and return. (Help with downloading files.)

  • Tier I description of water quality control Best Management Practices (BMPs) (Attachment C) ( PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF Document/ MS WordMicrosoft Word Document) - Detailed BMP information.

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