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Types of Authorization for Grain Elevators

Describes which authorizations may be applicable to grain elevators.

The following list of permit authorizations is arranged in order of the time and effort required to obtain authorization.

  • Permits by Rule (PBRs) for Grain Elevators. These links will take you to the specific PBR that may apply to your facility. Review the general information for qualifying and applying for a PBR. Contact air permitting staff regarding partial permitting policies.

    • Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 106.183 - Boilers, Heaters, and Other Combustion Devices
    • Section 106.261 - Facilities (Emission Limitations)
    • Section 106.264 - Replacements of Facilities
    • Section 106.281 - Feed Milling
    • Section 106.283 - Grain Handling, Storage, and Drying

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