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Applicable Rules and Regulations for Incinerators

Links to rules and regulations governing the permitting of incinerators facilities.

The following rules and regulations may apply to your facility.

  • Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Subpart EEEE Exit the TCEQ - Standards Of Performance For Other Solid Waste Incineration Units For Which Construction Is Commenced After December 9, 2004, Or For Which Modification Or Reconstruction Is Commenced On Or After June 16, 2006

  • Title 30, Texas Administrative Code Chapter 330.7, Subchapter A Exit the TCEQ - Permit Required

  • Title 30, Texas Administrative Code Section 111.21 Exit the TCEQ - Single-, Dual-, and Multiple-Chamber Incinerators

  • Section 111.125 Exit the TCEQ - Incineration Testing Requirements

  • Section 111.127 Exit the TCEQ - Incinerations Monitoring and Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Section 111.129 Exit the TCEQ - Incineration Operating Requirements

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