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Guidance for Air Dispersion Modeling

Information for Air Dispersion Modeling.

TCEQ Air Quality Modeling Guidelines

The TCEQ Air Permits Division has updated the air quality modeling guidelines to reflect EPA’s final Modeled Emission Rates for Precursors memorandum. The purpose of the document is to provide staff with a process to evaluate and determine air quality impacts analysis requirements for case-by-case permit reviews. While the focus of the document is on the technical review process, it is available to the regulated community and the public to provide an understanding of air quality impacts analysis requirements and processes that affect air permit applications. This final document will supersede Air Quality Modeling Guidelines, APDG 6232, September, 2018.

If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact the TCEQ Air Permits Division at 512-239-1250.

Off Property Source Inventory

The TCEQ has replaced the Point Source Database (PSDB) with the Air Permits Allowable Database (APAD) as the data source for generating modeling retrievals. The new procedure to request modeling retrievals is similar to the previous one, but there are some minor differences. Please refer to the guidance outlined in the How to Request Modeling Retrieval on how to submit the Modeling Request Form. Additional information on the retrieval can be found in the Modeling Request Fact Sheet.

Monitoring Data

Elevation Data

The Multi-Resolution Land Cover Characteristics (MRLC) Consortium website is no longer providing the terrain data that can be used in AERMOD/AERSCREEN modeling analyses. The EPA has an interim solution for retrieving terrain data until a more permanent solution can be developed. Follow here for information on the interim solution that includes step-by-step instructions on retrieving terrain data.

Be aware, the data will not be in *tiff format. However, the EPA webpage has instructions on how to convert the data into tiff format for input into AERMAP.

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