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Amending an Air Permit

Qualifications and requirements to be met to amend an air permit. Links to relevant forms, guidance, and rules.

Modifications to existing permitted facilities may be handled through the amendment of an existing permit or an existing flexible permit as covered in 30 TAC Section 116.110(b). A permit amendment is required when a change will cause:

  • a change in the method of control of emissions;
  • a change in the character of the emissions; or
  • an increase in the emission rate of any air contaminant.

Tools for an Amendment

  • Form: PI-1 General Application Form and Instructions Adobe Acrobat PDF Document or Microsoft Word Document
  • Rule: 30 TAC Section 116.110 Exit the TCEQ
  • Fees: Fund 151 (Clean Air) Fee Rates: Old vs. New Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Historical Data Pertaining to Permit Amendments

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