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Flexible Permits

Describes to the user what a flexible permit is, and how it is used. Helps them understand if they can apply for the permit. Supplies the form, fee information, guidance, and a link to the rule that applies.

Flexible Permits

A flexible permit allows an operator more flexibility in managing his operations by staying under an overall emissions cap or individual emission limitation. The applicant is allowed to structure the flexible permit to best serve their needs. Some basic rules of flexible permits are:

  • Facilities are limited to one flexible permit per plant site or account; however, the applicant can choose which facilities to include.
  • The final permit may contain an overall emission cap for all sources per pollutant, combination of multiple emission caps that cover groups of facilities, and/or individual emission limitations for individual facilities.
  • The flexible permit is not restricted to grandfathered sources. The applicant may choose to combine grandfathered, existing permitted, and newer facilities to maximize flexibility at the site.

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