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Outdated Exemption List, Subchapter N - April 7, 1998

Synopsis of specific exemptions from air permitting that were in effect on this date.

30 TAC 106 - Subchapter N Mixers, Blenders and Packaging

106.331 Cosmetics Packaging and Pharmaceutical Packaging and Coating (Previously SE47)
106.332 Chlorine (Previously SE81)
106.333 Water Based Adhesive Mixers (Previously SE28)

106.331 Cosmetics Packaging and Pharmaceutical Packaging and Coating (Previously SE 47)

Equipment used exclusively to package pharmaceuticals and cosmetics or to coat pharmaceutical tablets is exempt.

106.332 Coating (Previously SE 81)

Facilities that repackage chlorine are exempt, provided all the following conditions of this section are satisfied:

(1) the repackaging shall be in United States Department of Transportation approved chlorine cylinders not exceeding one ton in capacity;

(2) there shall be no more than two tons of chlorine on the property at any time;

(3) all handling of chlorine shall be in accordance with applicable Chlorine Institute Guidelines;

(4) the facilities shall be located no closer than 300 feet from any recreational area or residence or other structure not occupied or used solely by the owner or operator of the facilities or the owner of the property upon which the facilities are located;

(5) the repackaging system shall be operated under vacuum at all times and all venting of lines and cylinders shall be routed to a caustic scrubbing system that prevents release of chlorine to the atmosphere during all operating and maintenance activities. When the scrubbing system is not operating properly, no chlorine shall be repackaged;

(6) chlorine gas shall not be vented directly to the atmosphere under any circumstances.

106.333 Water-based Adhesive Mixers (Previously SE 28)

Equipment used exclusively for the mixing and blending of materials at ambient temperature to make water-based adhesives is exempt.

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