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Outdated Standard Exemptions 116 - 117, January 8, 1980

Outdated Title 30 TAC 116 Standard Exemptions organized by exemption number and date.


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116 | 117

116. Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) production facilities having a capacity of less than 200 gallons of ethanol per day when natural gas, LP gas or No. 2 fuel oil is used to supply heat for cooking and distillation and when the spent (distillers) grain and water stillage are not dried.

117. Any drum mix asphalt concrete plant that operates according to the following conditions:

  1. A pretest meeting concerning the required monitoring shall be held with personnel of the Texas Air Control Board before the required tests are performed. Air contaminants to be tested for will be determined at the pretest meeting.
  2. Fuel for dryers shall be sweet natural gas as defined in General Rules as adopted by the Texas Air Control Board or liquid petroleum gas, diesel or No. 2 fuel oil. Alternate fuels may be approved by the Executive Director prior to operation of the facility.
  3. All aggregate stockpiles shall be sprinkled with water and/or chemicals as necessary to control the emission of dust to the minimum level possible under existing conditions.
  4. All permanent in-plant roads shall be paved. Alternate methods of control may be approved by the Executive Director prior to installation of the facility.
  5. The facility is located at least 1/2 mile from any public building, public recreational area or any residence not owned or occupied by the person proposing to install the facility.
  6. Before construction of the facility begins, written site approval is received from the Executive Director of the Texas Air Control Board.
  7. Before construction begins the facility must be registered with Form PI-6.

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