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Air PBRs of Subchapter F

Air permits by rule for equipment, facilities, or operations related to animal confinement.

Topics Under this Category

Air PBR 106.161: Animal Feeding Operations
Animal feeding operations that satisfy the general conditions of 30 TAC Sections 106.4 and 106.161 are permitted by rule. For caged laying or pullet operations, approval of a claim under this PBR must be received before construction may begin. Links to relevant rule, forms, and guidance.
Air PBR 106.162: Livestock Auction Facilities
Livestock auction sales facilities must be operated according to the specific conditions stated in 30 TAC Sections 106.4 and 106.162. Record-keeping requirements are discussed.
Air PBR 106.163: Racetracks, Zoos, and Animal Shelters
Animal racing facilities, domestic animal shelters, zoos, and their associated confinement areas, stables, feeding areas, and waste collection and treatment facilities are permitted by rule under 30 TAC Section 106.163. No registration or fee is required.