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Air PBRs of Subchapter T

Air permits by rule for equipment, facilities, or operations related to surface preparation.

Topics Under this Category

Air PBR 106.451: Wet Blast Cleaning
Blast cleaning equipment using a suspension of abrasives in water is permitted by rule under 30 TAC Section 106.451. This permit by rule (PBR) does not require you to register, keep records, or pay a fee. No registration or record keeping is required.
Air PBR 106.452: Dry Abrasive Cleaning
Dry abrasive cleaning facilities that meet the conditions of 30 TAC Sections 106.452 and 106.4 are permitted by rule. Links to relevant rule, guidance, and forms.
Air PBR 106.454: Degreasing Units
Facilities used for degreasing units that meet the conditions stated in 30 TAC Sections 106.4 and 106.454 are permitted by rule. In some cases, a claim of this PBR must be submitted before construction begins. Links to the rule, relevant forms, and guidance.