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Requesting Tier II Reports and Records

Information on how to request Tier II chemical reports for your facility, your jurisdiction, or other Tier II report records.

Requesting Tier II reports for your facilities or your jurisdiction:

Facilities requesting their own Tier II reports and LEPCs and fire departments requesting Tier II reports for their jurisdictions should e-mail

Requests for reports must come from the company; we cannot give out reports to third parties or consultants.

Requesting other Tier II Report Records:

To request Tier II information for a facility you are not associated with you may submit an open records request. However, please be advised that the Attorney General has consistently ruled that TCEQ is prohibited from disclosing Tier II information to anyone other than Tier II report filers, LEPCs, or fire departments, as Tier II information is considered confidential under the Homeland Security Act (Tex. Govt Code Ch.418). Although TCEQ is legally prohibited from releasing Tier II information to the public, a member of the public has a legal right to access a facility’s existing workplace chemical list directly from the facility.

How to Make an Open Records Request

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