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Requirements for Used or Scrap Tire Transporters

Transporters collect and transport used or scrap tires or tire pieces for storage, processing, recycling, or energy recovery. All transporters, with a few exceptions, must register with the TCEQ.



Exemptions from Registration

You may be exempt from the transporter registration requirement if you:

  • Are a generator hauling your own tires between your own business locations or to an authorized facility.
  • Use vehicles owned and operated by a municipality, county, or other government entity or agency and haul to an authorized facility or to a facility used by a local or other government entity or agency.
  • Collect and transport used or defective tires that are being shipped back to the manufacturer or manufacturer's representative for adjustment (generators must retain written records of the shipments for three years indicating the shipment date, destination, and the number of tires in each shipment).
  • Are a registered on-site sewage facility installer transporting tires for construction of an on-site sewage disposal system.
  • Use vehicles engaged in municipal solid waste collection or commercial route collection, in which incidental loads of used or scrap tires or tire pieces are transported to a landfill, transfer station, or other collection point for proper handling.
  • Collect and transport tires for retreading and recapping that will be returned to the customer.
  • Transport tires that do not originate in or end up in Texas.

General Requirements

You are not authorized to store or stockpile tires (unless you also register as a tire storage facility).

The following requirements apply to transporters of used or scrap tires or tire pieces:

  • Obtain a registration from the TCEQ before collecting tires.
  • Haul used or scrap tires to an authorized facility such as a permitted landfill or a registered scrap-tire facility.
  • Submit an annual report to the TCEQ detailing the number and type of tires collected from each generator and the number delivered to each authorized facility.
  • Maintain records using a manifest system, and notify the generator of any changes to a manifest.
  • Operate your vehicles, including trailers, safely and mark them on both sides and the rear using numbers and letters at least two inches tall, identifying the name and location of the business and the TCEQ registration number.
  • Requirements for Used and Scrap Tire Transporters (RG-510) 
    Quick-reference sheet for transporters 

How to Apply for a Scrap Tire Transporter Registration

Forms to apply for a registration, or update your status or contact information:

Recordkeeping and Reporting

  • Tire Manifest
    The movement and disposition of used or scrap tires must be tracked with a manifest.
  • Annual Report
    Transporters of used or scrap tires must file annual reports.

Tire Transporter Rules

  • 30 TAC Chapter 328, 328.57
    State rules establishing procedures and requirements for used or scrap tire transporters.
  • Local Requirements: If you manage used or scrap tires or tire pieces you must also follow all local ordinances and regulations.

Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program if you have questions about transporting used or scrap tires.