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Superfund Sites in Harris County

Current and former Superfund sites located in Harris County, Texas. Locator map. Links to details about each site.

Harris County Map Jones RoadExit the TCEQ Waste Oil Tank Services Sikes DisposalExit the TCEQ French LimitedExit the TCEQ North Cavalcade StreetExit the TCEQ South Cavalcade StreetExit the TCEQ Houston Scrap Jensen Drive Scrap Crystal ChemicalExit the TCEQ Federated Metals Many Diversified InterestsExit the TCEQ La Pata Oil Company Aluminum Finishing Sol Lynn Industrial TransformersExit the TCEQ Houston Lead Gulf Metals Industries Brio Refining IncExit the TCEQ Dixie Oil ProcessorsExit the TCEQ Highland Acid PitExit the TCEQ San Jacinto River Waste PitsExit the TCEQ Patrick BayouExit the TCEQ US Oil RecoveryExit the TCEQ Geneva Industries - Fuhrmann EnergyExit the TCEQ Harris - Farley StreetExit the TCEQ ArChem Company - Thames Chelsea Chemical