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A former metal fabrication and plating business site in Hutchins, Dallas County was remediated under the state Superfund program. No further Superfund environmental response actions are required at this site.

Site Summary

The 2.93 acre site, at 1090 South Interstate 45 Service Road in Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas, is on the east side of Interstate 45; approximately 500 feet north of Skyline Drive. Bestplate, Inc., a plating operation, used the site from 1976-1986, stripping metal parts with caustics and solvents and then plating them with nickel and chromium. Spent plating waste was discharged in an on-site ditch. In 1983, the TCEQ inspected the site, noted violations, and filed enforcement actions against the operators.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

In October 1987 the TCEQ proposed the site to the state Superfund registry. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency performed a preliminary assessment that same year. They identified arsenic, chromium, lead, and nickel in the building’s concrete floor, site soils and on-site waste materials that required remediation.

Remedial Action

An Administrative Order was issued in 1995, listing the site on the state Superfund registry, establishing cleanup goals, and selecting the remedial action for the site. The remedial action consisted of chemically treating precipitate residue in the plating vats, removing curbing around the plating area and disposing of it at a permitted landfill, and decontaminating the concrete floor. The remedial action was completed and the site was deleted from the state Superfund registry in 1998.

Current Status

No further Superfund environmental response actions are required.