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Priority Calls: Claiming Water Rights

Find out if there are any active calls for water rights and how to make a priority call.

In Texas, the TCEQ administers surface water rights by priority doctrine (first in time, first in right). A holder of a senior water right (one with the earliest date) can make a priority call for water over one with a junior right (one with a later date).

Are there active priority calls?

I have a water right, how do I make a priority call?

As a potential priority caller, you should contact the regional office that serves your county and coordinate access to the diversion location with one of our regional investigators as soon as possible.

We'll provide you with a questionnaire that will ask you for locational information, water use information, and other data. You can respond to the questionnaire via telephone, email, facsimile or any other expedited means.

To make a priority call, contact your regional office Adobe Acrobat PDF Document or our Field Operation Program Support section at 512-239-0400.