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How TCEQ Responds During Drought

TCEQ takes various actions during drier-than-normal conditions.

  • Answers the public drought-information hot line during business hours: 800-447-2827
  • Consults with public water systems about implementing their drought implementation plans and specific needs that arise as situations change.
  • Tracks public drinking water systems under water-use restrictions—both voluntary and mandatory.
  • Actively manages water in Watermaster Programs.
  • Conducts training in TCEQ regional offices to equip inspectors in non-watermaster areas to measure and monitor surface water flows and to ensure the senior water-right priority calls are honored and respected by protecting the flow of water.
  • TCEQ’s Drought Task Force includes staff across agency programs and meets weekly to provide updates, monitor status and forecasts, and address concerns.
  • Actively participates with other state agencies on the Texas Department of Emergency Management’s Drought Preparedness Council and the Drinking Water Task Force (EDWTF).
  • Maintains webpages that cover a wide range of drought-related topics, updating them as conditions change.
  • Sends targeted news releases in areas where water rights have been curtailed to provide information and encourage conservation.