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2002 Water Quality Assessments for Individual Water Bodies

Water quality assessments in PDF for each of Texas’ river and coastal basins

Two documents are available for each water body assessed. The Fact Sheet is a summary of the assessment, and includes a description of the water body location. The Assessment Data shows the number of samples collected and how many exceed criteria.

These files are in Portable Document Format (PDF). (Help with PDF.)

Water Body Assessments by River Basin

  • 1—Canadian River Basin
  • 2—Red River Basin
  • 3—Sulphur River Basin
  • 4—Cypress Creek Basin
  • 5—Sabine River Basin
  • 6—Neches River Basin
  • 7—Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin
  • 8—Trinity River Basin
  • 9—Trinity–San Jacinto Coastal Basin
  • 10—San Jacinto River Basin
  • 11—San Jacinto–Brazos Coastal Basin
  • 12—Brazos River Basin
  • 13—Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin
  • 14—Colorado River Basin
  • 15—Colorado-Lavaca Coastal Basin
  • 16—Lavaca River Basin
  • 17—Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basin
  • 18—Guadalupe River Basin
  • 19—San Antonio River Basin
  • 20—San Antonio–Nueces Coastal Basin
  • 21—Nueces River Basin
  • 22—Nueces–Rio Grande Coastal Basin
  • 23—Rio Grande Basin
  • 24—Bays and Estuaries
  • 25—Gulf Waters