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2016 Water Body Assessment by Basin

2016 water quality assessments for each of Texas’ river and coastal basins in PDF files.

The TCEQ conducted a water quality assessment on all classified water bodies for which sufficient data were available and for unclassified water bodies where a pending regulatory need exists, or where new information may change the standards attainment status. These assessments are grouped by basin in the links below.

Each of these reports includes an integrated level of support, the overall support level for this use, method, or parameter group that determines whether a water body will be included in Category 5 [the 303(d) List].  This code could be different from the level of support due to carry forward information or other types of changes.

Code Description
FS Fully Supporting
CN Concern for Near Non-Attainment
CS Concern for Screening Level
NS Non-Supporting
NA Not Assessed
NC No Concern
PI Pending Issue
Related to metals-sampling protocols


These are PDF