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Data Management Reference Guide (DMRG) for Surface Water Quality Monitoring

Consolidated guidelines for TCEQ management of surface water quality data, intended to be used in conjunction with the SWQM Procedures Manual. The 2019 DMRG is effective as of July 1, 2019, and supersedes all previous versions.

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Description and Purpose of the Guide

The 2019 SWQM Data Management Reference Guide was published in June 2019, and supersedes all previous versions. The Data Management Reference Guide (DMRG) has been updated for consistency with recent changes in operating procedures and data requirements. The DMRG is revised periodically as necessary, approximately annually.

The purpose of the DMRG is to assist Clean Rivers Program planning agencies, the TMDL Program contractors, SWQM Program staff, and any other entities submitting data to the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System (SWQMIS). The guide outlines the processes for requesting parameter codes, station ID numbers, submitting and collecting entity codes, monitoring type, and tag prefixes. It also explains data review, data qualification, and data reporting, how to submit corrections to data in SWQMIS, and request data reports. In addition, the DMRG includes reference maps, tables, and descriptions.

Download the Guide

The DMRG and its chapters provided below are in portable document format (PDF). Get help with PDF.

Individual Chapters and Appendixes

For More Information

Please submit questions or comments about the DMRG by e-mail to or call (512) 239-6682 and request to speak with a member of the Data Management & Analysis Team.

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