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Data Management Forms and References for Monitoring Surface Water Quality

Resources for managing data and data quality related to surface waters.

The most recent versions of forms related to data management are available for download below.

Under the name of each form provided, there is a link to the relevant section of the Data Management Reference Guide, where you can find tips and instructions for completing and submitting the forms.

DM&A encourages users to submit forms and requests by e-mail when possible. This reduces paper usage and eliminates mailing delays.

Forms and References

All forms are provided for download PDF.

application/pdf Standard Data Request Form
Submit this form to request data from the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System (SWQMIS), using these application/pdfinstructions.

 application/pdfNon Standard Data Request Form 
Submit this form, in addition to the Standard Data Request Form, to request QC sample results and sample results that did not pass all QC that are stored in SWQMIS, using these application/pdfinstructions.

application/pdf Data Correction Request
Reference: application/pdfDMRG Chapter 9
Submit this form to request corrections to data in SWQMIS.

application/pdf Data Review Checklist
Reference: application/pdfDMRG Chapter 8
Submit this form with ASCII pipe delimited event and result files to be loaded to SWQMIS.

application/pdf Parameter & Constituent Code Request 
Reference:  application/pdfDMRG Chapter 2
Submit this form to request a new parameter or constituent in SWQMIS.

application/pdf Submitting Entity/Collecting Entity/Monitoring Type
Code and Tag Prefix Request and Checklist
Reference:  application/pdfDMRG Chapter 4 (Submitting/Collecting Entities)
Reference:  application/pdfDMRG Chapter 5 (Tag Prefixes)
Reference:  application/pdfDMRG Chapter 13 (Monitoring Type Codes)
Submit this form to request a new submitting or collecting entity, monitoring type code, or tag prefix in SWQMIS.

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For More Information

For more information about the data management forms on this page, please e-mail or call 512-239-6682 and request to speak with a member of the Data Management and Analysis Team.

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