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Proposing Projects: Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Network

How to submit a project proposal to the TCEQ for the Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Network, including forms and instructions.

The TCEQ continues to expand and improve the Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Network (CWQMN) for collecting data needed to:

  • assess water quality, support TMDL development and implementation,
  • manage water resources,
  • and other purposes.

However, the TCEQ has resource constraints that limit what can be accomplished by TCEQ alone. Those interested in partnering to establish new CWQMN sites are encouraged to download the CWQMN Pre-Proposal Form, complete and submit it to

Pre-Proposals will be evaluated by a TCEQ panel familiar with the project river basin. The TCEQ will consider:

  • the data need and expected use,
  • the availability of instruments to monitor the water quality parameter of concern, and
  • the availability of in-kind resources for deployment, operation, maintenance, and/or data validation when evaluating project proposals.

The TCEQ will evaluate each proposal submitted but may or may not determine to develop and deploy the proposed project.

Submit Proposals

Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to with "CWQMN PROJECT PROPOSAL" as the subject.

Download CWQMN Project Proposal Form 

CWQMN Project Proposal Form Instructions 

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