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Joe Pool Lake: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan

This project will complete a watershed characterization which will be used to develop a future watershed protection plan (WPP).


Joe Pool Lake is a popular recreational destination for many Dallas-Fort Worth residents, and a municipal water supply for surrounding communities. Portions of Joe Pool Lake and Mountain Creek have concerns for nitrate. Walnut Creek, a tributary to Joe Pool Lake, is impaired (not meeting Water Quality Standards) for bacteria. The Trinity River Authority (TRA) is coordinating with local municipalities to address the concerns and impairments.

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Project Description

TRA will work with concerned stakeholders in the Joe Pool Lake and Mountain Creek watersheds to develop a watershed characterization for these water bodies. Project activities will include the following:

  • Acquire existing geospatial and monitoring data and identify any gaps in data needed for purposes of developing a WPP.
  • Conduct routine bi-monthly monitoring and supplemental monitoring under conditions of high flow.
  • Analyze available data for trends and relationships between water quality data and watershed characteristics and features.
  • Coordinate public outreach and technical advisory group meetings.

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For More Information

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