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La Nana Bayou: Watershed Protection Plan Development

Texas Water Resources Institute identified the causes and sources of pollution in La Nana Bayou and developed a watershed protection plan to address water quality issues within the watershed.

Map of the La Nana Bayou watershed with stream segments.

Project Area

River Basin: Neches

Water Body: La Nana Bayou (0611B)

Location: Nacogdoches County


La Nana Bayou is a 32-mile freshwater stream extending from the confluence of the Angelina River south of Nacogdoches to the upstream perennial portion of the stream, north of Nacogdoches. Since 2000, La Nana Bayou has not met water quality standards for primary contact recreation because of high levels of fecal bacteria, and has had concerns for elevated ammonia-nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen, and total phosphorous in the downstream portion of the bayou. While potential contributors of pollutants in La Nana Bayou are known, the potential effects on in-stream water quality are not well known. A complete assessment of point and nonpoint source pollutants was needed to quantify the pollutants entering the watershed, establish needed load reductions, and develop appropriate restoration strategies for the La Nana Bayou watershed. Education and outreach were also needed to raise public awareness of the water quality issues in the watershed and to gain support and involvement in developing and implementing a watershed protection plan (WPP).

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Project Descriptions

September 2017 – August 2019

Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) established baseline water quality information and completed an initial analysis for the La Nana Bayou watershed that was used for WPP development. TWRI conducted intensive water quality monitoring to identify and characterize sources of pollution in the watershed. Data collected were used to refine existing water quality information and filled data gaps. Stakeholders were engaged through educational programs and stakeholder meetings to determine a preferred restoration approach for the watershed.

January 2021 – August 2023

TWRI built on activities initiated during the watershed characterization process to produce the full WPP. They collected additional data and aggregated information from various data sources to identify pollutant contributions. They also expanded and defined the involvement of stakeholder groups. The La Nana Bayou WPP was accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2023.

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For More Information

TWRI's La Nana Bayou Watershed webpage

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