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Lake Arlington and Village Creek: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan

A project to develop a watershed protection plan for Lake Arlington, a drinking water source; and Village Creek, an impaired tributary to the lake.


Lake Arlington serves as a drinking water source to over 500,000 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In 2012, Village Creek, the lake's main tributary, was placed on the 303d list as impaired for bacteria. Several portions of the lake were listed for concerns for use attainment, chlorophyll-a, and nitrate. Past studies show that water quality in the watershed has degraded and more vigorous management measures are needed.

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Project Description

This project is developing a watershed protection plan for the 91,402 acre watershed draining to Lake Arlington and establish a monitoring plan using existing data and input from stakeholders. Modeling identified potential sources of pollutant loads, how much they need to be reduced to meet the state’s water quality standards, and what strategies would most effectively achieve those reductions.

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For More Information

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