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EPA Review of the 2000 Water Quality Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reviewed and taken action on portions of the 2000 Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. For portions not approved by EPA, the 1997 standards remain in effect.

The state's Standards are not effective for the federal permits for which the TCEQ is responsible until the EPA approves those standards. When EPA approves an item in the Standards, the TCEQ implements it in its federal permitting programs, effective on the date of EPA approval.

The EPA did not take action on the state's proposed 2000 Standards in total. Instead, it has reviewed and acted upon them over time. As it completes its review, the EPA sends letters documenting the what it approves, disapproves, or on which it takes no action. These decisions are forwarded by letter to the TCEQ.

Effectively, then, the TCEQ uses provisions from both the 1997 and the 2000 Standards in administering its federal permitting programs, depending on which provisions have been approved by the EPA.

Timeline of EPA Action

The document EPA Timeline of Approval of Standards  Adobe Acrobat PDF Document summarizes the dates on which the EPA notified the TCEQ of its decisions, and the subjects of those decisions.

Letters Documenting the EPA's Decisions

These letters, provided in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, document the EPA's decisions on specific provisions of the 2000 Standards.


Provisions Not Approved

The document Not Approved by EPA Adobe Acrobat PDF Document effectively identifies those portions of the 1997 Standards that are still applicable for federal permits administered by the TCEQ because 1) the EPA disapproved a new or revised item in the 2000 Standards or 2) the EPA has stated it will not take action on an item in the 2000 Standards.