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Surface Water Rights and Availability

Water rights in Texas, water conservation plans, drought contingency plans, environmental flows, and ensuring compliance.

New Information Meeting on Rulemaking for HB 2031 and HB 4097: Marine Seawater Desalination. Meeting to discuss rulemaking associated with the implementation of HB 2031 and HB 4097.


Water Rights: Permits

Water Rights: Technical Resources

Rules and Regulations

Water Rights: Procedural (Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 295) Exit the TCEQ

Water Rights: Substantive (30 TAC 297) Exit the TCEQ

Water Rights Statute (Title 2, Texas Water Code, Chapter 11) Exit the TCEQ


Water use is regulated by Wastermasters programs in some areas:

TCEQ Regional Offices

Contact a local TCEQ office to submit a complaint or to request temporary use of state water.

Assistance for Small Business and Local Government

Resources specifically tailored to help small business and local governments comply with environmental regulations.

Resources for Water Right Holders

River Basins in Texas




Drought in Texas

How Do I Get Involved? Advisory Groups

Dam Safety

Compacts with Other States


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.