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Environmental Permitting: Participating in the Process

We review applications for many different environmental permits. Each type of permit application has its own review process. In a number of cases, the permitting process calls for the applicant to publish one or more public notices that invite the public to comment and sometimes to participate in other ways.

Different kinds of permit applications have different kinds of review processes. So if you're interested in a permit application, a good place to start learning about its process is in a public notice for that application.

We get the most questions about these types of permits:

Air Permits

Wastewater and other Water Quality Permits

Waste Permits

Other Types of Permits

If you are concerned about a permit that is not in this list, see our general explanation of public participation in permitting for applications filed:

Have Questions?

Do you need help understanding the permitting process? Call our Public Education Program (PEP): 800-687-4040.

We can help you understand the permitting process, answer questions about pending permits and their status, and explain how you can get involved.

What won't these permits cover?

The issues we can consider when we review a permit application are set by the Legislature through state law. Under those laws, we do not have the authority to consider these matters when we review a permit application:

  • noise
  • zoning
  • effects on property values
  • increased traffic

 If you are concerned about noise, contact your city police or county sheriff to find out whether there is a noise ordinance in your area.

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