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Calendar of Public Meetings and Hearings on Permitting Cases

Here you will find a listing of upcoming public meetings, notice and comment hearings, informal public hearings, and contested case hearings on permitting applications.
Date Time City Applicant Meeting or Hearing Type Permit No. SOAH Docket No.
10/14/19 7 p.m. Farmersville NEW TXI Operations, LP Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Public Hearing 157413
10/22/19 7 p.m. El Paso NEW Western Refining Company, L.P. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Public Meeting 18897
10/24/19 7 p.m. Austin Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Public Meeting 5838B
10/28/19 6 p.m. Hutto NEW Five Star Concrete, Inc. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Public Hearing 157931
10/30/19 10 a.m. Austin Markum Land Properties, LLC Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Contested Case Hearing WQ0015697001 582-20-0152
11/14/19 7 p.m. Port Arthur NEW Oxbow Calcining LLC Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Notice and Comment Hearing O1493
11/18/19 10 a.m. Austin NEW City of South Houston Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Contested Case Hearing WQ0010287001 582-20-0253

Please Note

With few exceptions, the meetings and hearings on this page have been requested by the public for the specific purpose of discussing permitting issues, such as whether a facility should be allowed to obtain, renew, or amend a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, New Source Review, or Municipal Solid Waste permit at a specific location.

All of the meetings are arranged and conducted by the TCEQ's Office of the Chief Clerk (OCC). Most of the hearings, however, are arranged and conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), which was created expressly for that purpose.

This calendar only lists meetings and contested case hearings on permitting cases. In addition, the SOAH hearings in this calendar only announce the first notice, or preliminary hearing date, of a case, and are posted purely as a courtesy to our customers. For information on subsequent SOAH hearings, contact SOAH at the number listed below.

Follow these links to find information about TCEQ commission agendas, commission work sessions, the executive director's agenda, and public hearings for proposed rules; or SOAH hearingsExit the TCEQ.

If you have questions about a specific hearing or meeting, please call the contact person listed on the hearing or meeting notice. If you have general questions about this calendar, please call OCC at 512-239-3300.

SOAH may be reached by phone 512-475-4993, by email (soah.questions@soah.texas.gov), or on the web (www.soah.texas.govExit the TCEQ).

Persons with disabilities who plan to attend a TCEQ meeting or SOAH hearing and who need special accommodations should call OCC (512-239-3300) or 1-800-RELAY-TX (TDD) at least one week prior to the event.

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