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Waste Program Successes

Tarrant County College Opportunity Center - VCP 1265

The Tarrant County College Opportunity Center is part of the Tarrant County College District. A chemical manufacturing company operated at the 4.5 acre property from 1979 through 1995 manufacturing chemical standards for commercial laboratories and medical facilities. Subsequent site investigations showed elevated concentrations of chloroform in soil in the courtyard between the two main buildings that required cleanup. The two main building at the time were properly assessed and had no detections of chemicals of concern above residential assessment levels. 

The Tarrant County College District purchased the site at the end of 2005 and began remediation of the site to address chloroform in soil under the oversight of the TCEQ Voluntary Cleanup Program. Site cleanup activities included four mobile dual-phase extraction events conducted from May 2009 through December 2009. Follow-up sampling documented the property was acceptable for residential land use and in 2012 a Certificate of Completion was issued to Tarrant County College District.

The present-day TCC Opportunity Center consists of three interconnected buildings that were redeveloped and now include classrooms, work areas, and offices for students and faculty.  The TCC Opportunity Center provides workforce services to students and adults in the county, teaching basic skills and job readiness courses. Through the successful cleanup of the site by the Tarrant County College District, this redeveloped property is just one example of a successful remediation through TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Tarrant County College Opportunity CenterView of Tarrant County College Opportunity Center.

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