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Texas Photochemical Modeling Results—Interactive Time-Series Plot

Interactive chart comparing results of the TCEQ’s air quality modeling and surface observations.

This interactive chart shows time-series plots of pollutant concentrations from the TCEQ's 2012 photochemical modeling comparing modeled values with available surface observations at locations of air quality monitoring sites in Texas. The observed data are shown as red dots; modeled data a solid blue line; and modeled 3×3-cell minimum and maximum range a light-blue shaded area.

If you have any questions regarding this interactive chart, please send an email to with the subject "Texas Photochemical Modeling Results - Interactive Time-Series Plot".

show instructions
select an episode (loads new page)
select a run release version of chosen episode
choose a chemical species
choose hourly or eight-hour value
choose cell or bi-linear interpolated value
click a legend item to toggle the display of corresponding data series on the chart.
click here to save chart image or data series.
hold the left mouse button and select a rectangle in the chart area to zoom in
hover the cursor over chart to show the data values of particular day and time
move the cursor into this label area, hold the left mouse button and move up or down to change the upper value, double-click to reset to a default value
similarly, change the bottom value here; the bottom value cannot be changed below zero
change date range by sliding the left and/or right handles on this navigation bar
choose a site from this drop-down list or ...
... choose a site by clicking on a site marker on this map.
the selected site is shown as a green marker
check to show modeling domain outlines on the map
check to zoom and center the map on the selected site