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Calculating Compliance History Ratings

Explains how compliance history ratings for regulated entities are calculated. For more details, refer to Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 60 (30 TAC 60).

Site Rating (RN Rating)

Every site to which 30 TAC 60 applies will receive a compliance history site rating, called the “RN rating,” that reflects the site’s compliance with environmental regulations during the five-year compliance history period.

The following formula is used to calculate the RN rating for a regulated entity:

RN Rating Formula

An explanation of the components used in the Site Rating formula can be found in 30 TAC §60.2 .

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Person Rating (CN Rating)

A person rating (CN rating) reflects the compliance history with environmental regulations for the sites owned or operated by that person in Texas during the five-year compliance history period.

The CN rating is calculated by adding the complexity-weighted site ratings of the rated sites owned or operated by that person in Texas. Each site that a person is affiliated to will receive a point value based on the compliance history rating at the site, multiplied by the percentage of complexity points that site represents of the person’s total complexity points for rated sites.

For each rated site (RN) affiliated to the person, use the following formula:

CN Rating Formula

Then, add the total for each site (RN) together to determine the person’s compliance history rating. Unclassified sites are not included in the calculation of the person (CN) Rating.

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