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Rules and Guidance for Public Water Systems

Find the principal rules and related guidance for operators of public water systems in Texas.

Those who operate a public drinking water system in the state must be familiar with federal and state rules. The following links may be helpful.

Am I a "Public Water System"?
Find out if you are a PWS and, if so, what requirements you must meet.

Rules and Regulatory Guidance:

  • The Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems are established by the TCEQ and specify construction and operational standards for public water supply systems.
  • Drinking Water Standards are set by the agency and cover primary and secondary water quality standards.
  • The Ground Water Rule applies to all public water systems that supply ground water. The rule also applies to any system that mixes surface and ground water if the ground water is added directly to the distribution system and supplied to the consumer without treatment.
  • Backflow Protection on Water-Based Fire Protection Systems ( RG-345)
  • Drinking Water Standards Governing Drinking Water Quality and Reporting Requirements for Public Water Systems: 30 TAC Chapter 290, (f) .
  • Total Organic Carbon ( RG-379)
  • Disinfectant Residual Reporting for PWSs ( RG-407)

Other Information:

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