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Water Treatment Methods

You can find guidance on various water treatment methods, including baffling factors, T10 calculations, alternate disinfectants, requirements for pathogen treatment techniques, and using chlorine dioxide.

If you need an exception involving water treatment methods, simply refer to the External Guidance section when requesting an exception. You will find guidance on the water treatment topics that follow.

Selection of Baffling Factors and Operating Conditions for T10 Calculations
Learn how to determine values for the baffling factor, basin volume, and flow rate that are used in T10 calculations to analyze a water treatment plant's disinfection operations.
Alternate Disinfectants: Standby Units and Spare Parts
Find information for water treatment plants using continuous disinfection to satisfy the Surface Water Treatment Rule by treating surface water or groundwater which is under the direct influence of surface water. These treatment plants must provide standby disinfection equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation.
Meeting Treatment Technique Requirements for Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Viruses
Find information on pathogen-removal and pathogen-inactivation criteria when treating surface water, groundwater under the influence of surface water, or rain water.
Use of Chlorine Dioxide
Find information on the proper use of the disinfectant chlorine dioxide.