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Drought Data Dictionary

Explanation of drought priority, stage codes, and date notified.

Priority of Water Use

Priority Description
O - Outage Water service interrupted.
E - Emergency Could be out of water in 45 days or less.
P - Priority Could be out of water in 90 days or less.
C - Concern Could be out of water in 180 days or less.
W - Watch Has greater than a 180-day supply of water remaining.
R - Resolved No longer experiencing water capacity problems.

TCEQ Drought Response Stages

TCEQ Stage Description
V - Voluntary Customers requested to voluntarily limit water use.
1 - Mild restrictions Use of water for non-essential uses is restricted (i.e. outdoor watering limited to no more than twice or once a week)
2 - Moderate restrictions All outdoor water usage is prohibited except by hand-held hoses with manual on/off nozzles. Water usage for livestock is exempt from this restriction.
3 - Severe restrictions All outdoor water usage is prohibited; livestock watering may be exempted by the utility. All consumption may also be limited to each customer in specific ways.

Date Notified

The "date notified" is the most recent date that the Public Water System notified TCEQ of changes to their drought response stage.