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Water: Who Provides Water to My Property?

Presents options for determining whether anyone supplies drinking water to your area and, if so, who. Links to related content.

If you are buying a property or starting up your business, you may need one or more of the following...

  • If you do not know the water supplier's name in your area the following map resources may help. Please note that if the property falls into a water systems boundary there may not be a meter available. Contact the water system for more information.
    • Texas Water Development Board Water Service Boundary Viewer - This interactive map viewer allows the public to view, search, download and print retail water service boundaries of public water systems across Texas.
    • Public Utility Commission of Texas CCN Viewer  - Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) is issued by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), and authorizes a utility to provide water and/or sewer service to a specific service area.
    • TCEQ Water District Map Viewer - The Water Districts Viewer enables users to search and view water districts using an online map interface. The viewer also links to the Integrated Water Districts Database for additional detailed information.
  • Out on your own? If your property is not in a service area or does not have service right now, you might need to set up your own source of water. Some potential water sources are:
    • Drilling a well
    • Purchasing water
    • Hauling water in
  • If you are going to serve the public or workers you may be considered a public water system and need to be approved by the TCEQ.
  • If you are interested in the water utility business (charging for water service), contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas for more information.
  • If you plan to use water from rivers, streams, underflow, creeks, tides, lakes or bay areas, it is considered state water and you might be subject to the TCEQ water right permitting process.
  • Need contact information from a public water system? You might want to search Texas Drinking Water Watch for information on public drinking water systems.

Contact us if you have other questions about your source of water.